About the Designer

I am a passionate fashion designer with a unique journey that led me to this exciting industry. My name is Jahnavi Singh, and I’m thrilled to share my story with you. Before diving into the world of fashion, I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA) alongside a Fashion Designing certificate course. I have done my Masters in Fashion Designing.

I am an academic award holder at the university as well have won award in “Graduate Fashion Fiesta “ a fashion show event initiated by Praveen Singh the CEO of National Trade Fair Organization. I launched my label “ Shemaiah “ in summer mid of 2021 with our first collection named “SHAHKAAR “ it consisted of hand painted Sarees.

Since then we did three shows

  1. “ Lagan Mandap” in Jaipur
  2. “ JAHAN – World of Luxury “ in Taj Palace, Delhi 2022
  3. “The Dhoom Dhaam Trunk Show” in The Ashok , Delhi 2023 curated by Ms. Tanya Ghavri

This diverse educational background equipped me with a solid understanding of business principles while nurturing my creative side. Combining the two fields allowed me to develop a holistic perspective on the fashion industry, blending artistic expression with strategic thinking. Coming from a family involved in the hotel and mining businesses, I witnessed firsthand the dedication and entrepreneurial spirit of my self-made father. Inspired by his success and driven by my desire to create something of my own, I embarked on a path that would allow me to pursue my passion in the fashion world.

Although I initially ventured into the fashion field with limited knowledge, I was determined to overcome any obstacles that came my way. I embraced every opportunity to learn, grow, and refine my skills. With dedication and perseverance, I quickly gained expertise and developed a keen eye for design, patterns, and trends.

Today, I am proud to say that I have established my own fashion business, bringing my unique perspective and creativity to the industry. My goal is to create stunning and innovative designs that inspire confidence and self-expression. Through my work, I strive to make a positive impact on individuals, helping them embrace their personal style and feel empowered. As a fashion designer, I believe in the power of collaboration and open-mindedness, always seeking inspiration from various sources to bring fresh and exciting ideas to life.